Racing Country USA

Racing Country is about to start its 25th year as a weekly two-hour music intensive variety show featuring insights and interviews from behind the scenes of NASCAR and Nashville. Co-Hosts Paul & Cathy are well known members of the media community: Paul Schadt – Charlotte’s top Country Morning Man and Cathy Martindale – award-winning Nashville…read more »

Big Time With Whitney Allen

Big Time With Whitney Allen

What did you want to be when you were 5? And really…what kid actually gets to be the astronaut, rockstar, explorer, or radio host?!? Whitney Allen, that’s who! Her parents bought her a red transistor radio (that she slept with under her pillow every night) and adopted her first cat, Thomasina (who slept with her…read more »

“Big Jim”

  “Big Jim”  is a true local boy.  Born and raised in Northern California, Big Jim has been in radio since the summer of 1990 when a local Country station let him come to work part-time on the weekend.  The rest as they say is history.  Big Jim is “dad” to two teenage boys and…read more »