Don Burton

I’m a big fan of music and radio.  I have been since I was young.  I always dreamed of being on the radio when I grew up….still working on the growing up part but I truly am “Living the dream.”  I have 2 daughters, Sydney who is 21, who is recently married and just added a grandchild to the family with the birth of little Ivy in November of 2016 and my youngest daughter Shayla who is 9.  I have been a single father raising Sydney since she was 7…so yes…I know how to braid hair!! My main focus now is raising the girls and providing them with fun and unique experiences.  I spend time playing rhythm guitar and singing in a band called “SilverBridge.”  I’ve been writing songs for many years and released a solo CD a few years back and I’m working on more material for the next album.  I also enjoy playing Tennis, Golf and Disc Golf.  My dad owned “The Earth Station 1,” an arcade upstairs in the downtown mall so I’ve always loved arcade games.  Because I refuse to grow up I now have collected many of the classic 80’s full size arcade games including Defender, Millipede, Asteroids Deluxe, Donkey Kong, Pac man, Galaga and a 1970’s KISS Pinball Machine.  I believe that life is a celebration and I choose to celebrate it everyday!