Shasta County Elections Department Recognized For “Election Excellence”

Any misplaced doubts about the integrity of elections in Shasta County should be eliminated with the designation of the Shasta County Elections Department for a rare honor. A non-partisan collaborative called the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence has chosen the department to be a center for election excellence. That means the department can get no-cost access to the best resources to run secure, inclusive and successful elections. The selection shows the department’s high standards and should be supported by the voting public. The department is an example to be followed by other elections offices across the country. There are only ten finalists selected nationwide. The only other one in California is Contra Costa County. County Registrar Cathy Darling-Allen says in a news release “There has been a recent change in politics locally, which seems to be a reflection of the national political stage; misleading information about the election administration that have been sown on social media particularly have been troubling and difficult to quash. We are confident that this work will be one more tool in our tool box to engender trust locally and perhaps be a laboratory for other jurisdictions to adopt practices with which we have had success”. Besides the high honor and the confidence that the designation provides to voters, it also comes with a $1.5 Million grant, which will need to be accepted by the Board of Supervisors.