APD Arrests Two Romanian Men After Investigation Into ATM Skimming Devices

Two men suspected of using electronic devices to steal from bank customers have been arrested by Anderson Police, and the pair is a long long way from home. In the last two months two data skimming devices have been found on a Bank of America ATM on Balls Ferry Road, so APD detectives have been staking out the ATM in hopes that the electronic thieves give it another try. On Monday they watched 55-year-old Ion Ionita walk away from the ATM holding an empty grocery bag and they suspected that he had used the bag to conceal a skimmer. They continued to watch him until he was picked up in a rental car by Dumitru Enache. A traffic stop was done and the car was searched, apparently revealing evidence that included cloned EBT access cards and SD cards with videos of victims entering their pin numbers at the ATM. Both men are Romanian nationals and have been booked into jail with a bail enhancement due to their alleged involvement in transnational organized crime. A search was also done at an Airbnb in Chico where the men have been staying, and more cloned EBT cards were found.