Embattled School Board May Appoint New Superintendent At Wednesday’s Meeting

The Gateway School District and its embattled board of trustees may be headed toward a fight over a superintendent. The board met last Thursday to repeal the actions of a previous meeting after receiving a legal threat from the Gateway Teachers Association that accused them of violating the law by dismissing public comment, engaging in whispered conversations during a meeting and other Brown Act violation. The letter suggested the board seek formal training on how to run a meeting. The conflict began in December when 3 new members of the board voted in closed session to fire Superintendent Jim Harrell. The two incumbents voted to retain him. There are further complaints now because last Thursday’s meeting had only one day’s notice and it was held in the daytime while classes were in session and teachers couldn’t attend. The agenda for a 5 O’clock meeting Wednesday includes a closed session item to appoint a superintendent. The Shasta Lake City area district boasts of being the county’s only Kindergarten through 12th grade district, comprised of Central Valley High School along with four elementary schools and three alternative schools.