Siskiyou Flim Flam Artist Robs Elders

A scam artist convicted last week in Siskiyou County has an ever-growing list of known victims. 44-year-old Shanadoa Wayne Johnson has been convicted of crimes in 3 states and 5 California counties, mostly for stealing from people in their 80s and 90s after gaining their trust. Johnson’s typical pattern was to approach elderly residents and offer to do roofing or driveway work. After taking large down payments, he would do very little actual work and frequently would damage property in order to solicit more money for repairs. He claimed to be a licensed contractor, which was untrue, and claimed to be affiliated with established reputable businesses, even making fake business cards and car door magnets. In some cases he was paid multiple times for the same job by taking advantage of slipping memory with the advanced age of his victims. One 96-year-old woman said her eyesight was poor so she asked Johnson to fill out her check to him for $88. He made it $8,800 and cashed it. The DA’s office knows of more than $100,000 that Johnson extracted from victims just in the first 4 months of 2020. Money traced to Johnson’s accounts from 2019 to 2021 totals well over $500,000. Since 2015 Johnson has only filed an income tax return once, and that was $1 of income reported in 2019 so he could claim a federal stimulus payment. While in Siskiyou County Jail, Johnson applied for, and received, welfare payments. Last week Johnson was convicted of 38 felonies and 16 misdemeanors. When he’s sentenced next month he faces more than 26 years in state prison. Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus says there are certainly more victims who haven’t come forward, and they should not hesitate to do so.