Filing Period For Those Seeking Seat On Redding City Council Now Open

With three open seats, this November’s Redding City Council election is sure to be an active one. Councilmember Erin Resner is stepping down and both Kristen Schreder and Michael Daquisto are up for re-election. At least two people, Alex Shea and Joshua Johnson, have announced their intentions to run. Unlike County Supervisors, Redding City Council Members are not divided into districts, but rather each one serves the entire city. Also on the ballot this fall will be the Redding City Clerk. This might be the last time a City Clerk is elected in Redding because there’s also a ballot measure that would make the Clerk and the Treasurer both appointed positions rather than elected. Being very technical jobs, there’s a notion that it’s better to appoint them so unqualified people don’t get elected into powerful jobs they can’t perform well. For now, the Clerk is a four year term, and so is a City Council term. Candidate documents must be submitted by August 12th. The filing period opened Monday. A nomination packet can be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office by appointment by calling 225-4447 or by e-mailing