Wild Chase From Happy Valley To Jones Valley Ends After Foot Pursuit

A driver eluded law enforcement Friday morning with a wild chase. At around 5:15AM a sheriff’s deputy on Happy Valley Road had to swerve into the opposing lane to avoid being struck head-on by a Nissan. He chased the car onto Highway 273 to Anderson, then back north, then south again, then north to Redding and onto Eastside Road before heading into the neighborhood on Star Drive. The driver was boxed in after turning onto a dead-end street, but then he got out and headed east on Bonnyview, then onto Southbound Interstate Five to Knighton Road and south on Airport Road, then eastbound on Fig Tree Lane and south on Loftus to Dersch Road. The chase then went west back toward Airport Road but when he saw Anderson Police were set up there, he made another U-turn and went eastbound. He appeared to be crossing over into oncoming traffic, so the pursuit was terminated before the car headed south on Deschutes. A deputy got a good look at the driver and identified him for future contact. About 40 minutes later the car was spotted again on Deschutes Road and chased north to Bella Vista and then Dry Creek road toward Jones Valley. After a few U-turns and forays onto side roads, he drove back to Highway 299 and drove over a spike strip before heading onto Old Alturas Road toward Redding. After turning onto Falling Oaks he came to a dead end and headed through a field. The car finally became disabled and the man took off on foot. Surrounded by deputies, CHP Officers, Cal-Fire law enforcement and RPD north of Pebble Creek Lane, he tried to hide in the bushes but was tracked and captured by a K9 and finally taken into custody.