BLM Urges Caution After Target Shooters Spark Fire Last Week

Following a fire in the Keswick area last week that was started by target shooters, the Bureau of Land Management has issued a reminder of the rules. Last Thursday’s fire burned about nine acres on BLM land near the shooting range off of Iron Mountain Road. Investigators say the fire was sparked by target shooters firing high powered rifles at metal targets. The regulations allow for target shooting on BLM lands from a half-hour before sunrise to Noon. No incendiary, tracer, steel core or armor piercing ammunition is allowed. Any target that can throw sparks, like steel targets, are prohibited. Shooters are required to have a shovel or a fire extinguisher close at hand. The BLM advises shooters to place targets on dirt or gravel away from flammable vegetation and be aware of weather condition to avoid shooting when fire danger is high.