Political Activist Asks For Hand Recount Of Local Primary Election Results

A hand recount has been requested for the Shasta County primary election by a local political activist. Mark Kent is the head of the Shasta General Purpose Committee and the Liberty Committee, which funded much of the campaigning for the losing countywide candidates, as well as supervisor candidates Kevin Crye and Chris Kelstrom, both of whom are headed to runoffs in their respective districts in November. Kent says his request is being done on behalf of Crye and Kelstrom, as well as Bryan Caples, Bob Holsinger, Erik Jensen and John Greene, who lost their bids for School Superintendent, County Clerk, District Attorney and Sheriff. County Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen says her office is working on an estimated cost for the recount, which must be paid in advance by the person making the request. On Tuesday the board of supervisors will accept the certified results of the election. Darling-Allen will also request that the board appoint someone other than her to supervise the recount of her particular seat.