K9 Helps Officers Arrest Man Passed Out Behind The Wheel In The Middle Of Cypress Avenue

Of all the intersections to pass out in a car, right in front of the police station is not the best choice. At around 1:30AM Monday morning a Toyota Corolla was stopped in the middle of Cypress Avenue at Civic Center Drive. The driver, 36-year-old Ricardo Cuevas Esquival, was in and out of consciousness. He was told to get out but ignored officers and stayed inside the locked car, and was seen reaching under the driver’s seat. More officers arrived, including Duke the K9. Esquival opened the driver’s door but did not get out and continued to ignore officers, so Duke was sent after him. He continued resisting until pepper spray and control holds were used on him to take him into custody. Esquival is on probation for drugs and had a suspended license. Drug paraphernalia was apparently found under the drivers seat. Esquival was taken to a hospital and then to jail.