Man Shot & Killed After Intentionally Driving Pickup Into Anderson Home

An Anderson man was shot Sunday night while ramming his ex-girlfriend’s house with his pickup truck. The series of events began at a home on Parkville Road, where 59-year-old Frank Robert Brinkley assaulted a man, who later said Brinkley was drinking and was clearly intoxicated. Brinkley’s next stop was the home of a friend of his ex-girlfriend, where he crashed his Ford pickup truck into a firepit and another vehicle. When he left that home he headed into Anderson on Deschutes Road with a flat tire, driving recklessly. He made it to his ex-girlfriend’s home on Hemlock Avenue, where he started ramming his truck into the front of the house repeatedly, hitting the garage, the living room area and the front door. A man inside the house got a shotgun and warned Brinkley that he would shoot him if he didn’t stop. As the man was standing behind the front screen door, Brinkley accelerated toward him and the man fired the shotgun, striking Brinkley in the chest and killing him. Brinkley had a domestic violence restraining order to stay at least 100 yards away from the house, which he has previously violated and been arrested for. The shotgun was legally possessed by the man who shot him and no charges are anticipated.