Forest Service Issues Safety Tips After Mountain Lion Attack In Trinity County

In light of last week’s Mountain Lion encounter in Trinity County, the Forest Service is providing tips on what to do if faced by one these mighty predators. First, it’s best not to be alone as Lions are not likely to attack more than one target. Children should be kept close. Running from a Mountain Lion is what prey does, and triggers an instinct to chase. Crouching or bending over also makes a person appear more like prey. It’s best to appear larger by waving arms slowly and speaking loudly and firmly. If attacked, a person should fight back and try to stay on their feet. Last Monday afternoon a woman walking with her dog near the Whites Bar Picnic Area near Big Bar was swiped by a Mountain Lion. Her Belgian Melanois then engaged the Lion and was severely injured. The woman was only slightly injured and the dog is recovering. Her vet bills were more than covered after a GoFundMe campaign raised well over $30,000.