Shasta County CEO Will Step Down After Serving For 2 Years

Shasta County’s most powerful non-elected official, whose job was recently threatened, has now decided to give it up. Executive Officer Matt Pontes is resigning. In a message sent to the Board of Supervisors, Pontes says he’s proud of the job he’s done and confident that staff can carry on successfully, but he offers no reason for his departure. Last month the board released a letter of support expressing their appreciation for the “leadership, dedication and resolve” Pontes had shown during his 2 years as County CEO, saying he’s skillfully led the county through numerous emergencies, including a pandemic, multiple wildfires and drought. The board offered its full support and confidence in Pontes directing critical projects in the future. Patrick Jones was the lone dissenting vote on the letter. Prior to that, during open session, Jones had spoken up about an embezzlement charge Pontes pled guilty to almost 30 years ago when he was 20-years-old. The rest of the board already knew about it as Pontes had been forthcoming during the interview process when he was hired. Pontes alleged that Jones, unaware that it was common knowledge, had tried to blackmail him with the information. It’s not known to what degree that bad blood may have contributed to Pontes’ decision.