K9 Helps Deputies Arrest Burglar At Eye Care Office In Shasta Lake

A burglar in Shasta Lake City gave up when threatened with a K9, according to the sheriff’s office. At around One Sunday morning, someone reported seeing a man smash a window and climb inside Dan’s Optical on Shasta Dam Boulevard. Deputies surrounded the place and could see items strewn about inside. They also saw a man standing in the lobby holding a large kitchen knife. He refused to drop the knife, then dropped it but refused to step away from it. He was hit with a shotgun-fired beanbag and retreated behind a partition. When he saw and heard Fritz the K9 he gave up and laid on the floor so he could be arrested. The sheriff’s office says Jason Fisk, who’s on Post Release Supervision, only had rolls of coins in his pockets but the business had Thousands of Dollars worth of damage.