City Of Redding Engines Now Fully Staffed After 10 New Firefighters Finish Training

Ten new Redding Firefighters have completed their academy training and went into service Sunday. All of the department’s engine companies will now be fully staffed. Before their initiation, the rookies were taken to a special place: the memorial site where Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke died in 2018. He had saved the lives of some residents who had not evacuated by warning them of the rapidly approaching Carr Fire. Although he was well aware of the unprecedented danger, he would not leave until the neighborhood was cleared, and he would have been the last person out but his truck was overtaken by the fire tornado and he died at the scene. The memory of Jeremy Stoke was shared along with those of Chief Gerry Gray, Captain Ed Andrews, Inspector Dean Hertzberg and the other fallen heroes of the department. New funding for the department, including for a Station Number 9 for the Shasta View area, will be discussed at Tuesday’s Redding City Council Meeting.