NPU Reports Finding Fentanyl During Search Of Lake Boulevard Apartment

Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit has taken some Fentanyl out of circulation. On Wednesday, the unit was given a tip about drug sales at a Lake Boulevard apartment complex. One of the residents, 31-year-old Dustin Nidever, is on Post Release Supervision, so no warrant was needed for a search. As he and 30-year-old Stacy Walters were leaving the apartment, they were detained and a search was done. Both were arrested after NPU reported finding an Ounce of Fentanyl, about $2,500, scales and other evidence of sales. This was Nidever’s second recent Fentanyl arrest. He was reportedly found with 7.5 Grams of the highly concentrated drug on April 3rd, but he was released after booking because of overcrowding.