Trinity River Flows Will Increase Dramatically This Weekend To Improve Fish Habitat

Water levels on the Trinity River will be substantially increased starting this weekend to help improve fish habitat. Each year a torrent of water is released downriver for a short time to mimic the conditions from before dams controlled the flow. The goal is to help Anadromous Fish like Salmon and Steelhead. This year there’s a limited amount of water available for the restoration flow schedule, but the increase will still be dramatic. Between this Friday (4/15) and next Wednesday the flow will increase from 300 cubic feet per second to 6,000. Three days later it will be back down to 2,800 CFS, and will be maintained between 1,800 to 2,000 until mid May, when it returns to 450 CFS Summer base flow until the end of September. Visitor should take precautions and landowners should clear their floodplains before Friday.