Redding City Council Votes To Send Fire Mitigation Measure To The Planning Commission

With the 2018 Carr Fire still fresh in everyone’s mind, and with the current fire season looming, the Redding City Council took up the subject of fire mitigation Tuesday night. Among other items discussed under the proposed plan, a total of 100 feet of defensible space would need to be maintained around a home, or at least to an adjacent neighbor’s property line. Also, if the home is less than 30 feet from a neighbor, the neighbor would then be responsible for maintaining their portion of the 30-foot requirement. In response to a question from Council Member Julie Winter, Fire Marshall Craig Wittner said that he was present for the fire tornado, and he believes that if this ordinance had been in place during the Carr Fire, things would have been a lot different. The council voted to send the measure to the planning commission for its approval before a final vote. It also wants the measure to apply to the entire city, and not just high fire density zones.