Coroner ID’s Man Fatally Shot By Registered Sex Offender In Shasta Lake

A man shot dead in Shasta Lake City last week has been identified as 26-year-old Robert Eladio Gonzalez of Cottonwood. The sheriff’s office was called at 11:30PM Thursday night to a home on Pancake Hill by a woman who sad she and 58-year-old Dwight Stewart Honeycutt had returned home and found Gonzalez in their house. They knew the man because they had apparently used drugs together earlier in the day. When they found him there unexpectedly the resulting argument reportedly led Honeycutt to shoot Gonzalez. He was transported by ambulance and later died. Honeycutt is a convicted felon and registered sex offender who is prohibited from possessing guns, but he allegedly shot Gonzalez with a sawed-off shotgun that belonged to him. During questioning, detectives say he told them he shot the unarmed man out of anger because he had made advances toward his girlfriend. Honeycutt is in jail on a Million Dollars bail.