Victim Reports Fake Cops Pull Her Over And A Fire Gun At Her

A woman in Siskiyou County was fired upon by some fake cops. At 1:25AM last Saturday, the victim reported to the sheriff’s office that she had been driving on County Road A-12 east of Grenada when she was pulled over by a white vehicle with red and blue emergency lights. Two men got out and approached her car, one of them with a handgun drawn, who tried to forcibly pull her form her car. She stomped on the accelerator and sped away as the man with the gun shot her car twice. She was unharmed. She said the gunman was wearing a hat, a mask, gloves and a jacket with a start on chest that looked like a sheriff’s department patch. He also had a tattoo under his right eye. She couldn’t describe the other man because it was too dark. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office says this is the only incident of this kind that’s been reported.