Alert APD Officer Arrests 2 Alleged Catalytic Convertor Thieves

Anderson Police say they caught a couple of catalytic convertor thieves in the act. A mechanics shop on West Center Street had some recent issued with overnight thefts, so when an officer on graveyard patrol at 4:30AM Thursday noticed a car that hadn’t been there earlier in the night, he watched and waited. 55-year-old Eric Cooley got out of the car and walked to car in the shop parking lot, then slid underneath on his back. The officer drove closer and Cooley quickly got up and walked back toward his own car. When asked what he was doing, Cooley said he was trying to find a place to urinate. The car was searched, and the officer reportedly found a reciprocating saw with extra blades, the signature tool for catalytic convertor thefts. Cooley was arrested along with Anthony Taylor, who was in the car, apparently doing a less-than-effective job as lookout.