Man Who Struck Game Warden In The Head With A Rock Sentenced To Prison

A Los Molinos man has been sentenced for injuring a Game Warden while resisting arrest. In December, the Fish and Wildlife Officer noticed a car parked in front of a property known for stolen vehicles. When he approached he saw 41-year-old Patrick West asleep behind the wheel, and the steering column was partially dismantled, as is often the case with stolen cars. The Warden woke up West and got his identification, then learned he had felony warrants. When told he was under arrest, West took off running. The Warden chased him but West elbowed him in the face. When the Warden grabbed him again, West threw him down and he struck his head on a rock, causing injury. West continued to fight until backup arrived to assist in the arrest. He’s been sentenced to 3 years in state prison.