RPD Arrests Driver After Crash In South Redding

A 27-year-old Redding man crashed his car Wednesday night while fleeing from officers who had already stopped chasing him, according to Redding Police. A little after 11:30PM, an officer went to a home on Seedling Drive to talk to a woman who reported that Andre Carbin had been disturbing her. He had left and returned numerous times through the course of the evening in his white Mitsubishi. While the officer was at the home, Carbin drove by so the officer followed him. When Carbin drive onto a sidewalk and ran a stopsign, the officer pulled him over. Carbin stopped but was uncooperative and kept digging around inside the car, so the officer decided to wait for backup. While the officer was waiting, Carbin reportedly drove away, speeding into a residential neighborhood with no headlights. After about a quarter mile, the officer terminated the pursuit. Shortly after that, officers found the car at Sacramento and River Drive, where it had smashed into a tree in a front yard. Carbin was crawling out of the wreckage with multiple injuries. When he gets out of the hospital he’ll go to jail for felony evading and DUI. He was already on felony probation for stalking.