Man Who Took Cubs From Bear Den Sentenced To Probation

California Wildlife Officials say a Northern California man who admitted to taking two bear cubs from their den in Shasta County and notified officials after he was unable to care for them pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited species. 29-year-old Cody Dylon Setzer and a co-worker took the month-old bears from their den as they were sleeping with their mother in 2019. The baby bears were eventually taken to a rehabilitation center in Lake Tahoe and released back to the wild in 2020. Setzer pleaded guilty in Siskiyou Superior Court in November to possession of a prohibited species and obstructing a peace officer in the course of his duties. He was ordered to pay around $2,300 in fines and serve probation. The department published the story Tuesday on its blog about bears to encourage anyone who may witness wildlife poaching to contact authorities.