Deputies Arrest Armed Man Who Called 911 After Breaking Into Home Near Yreka

A man who was apparently paranoid from a drug reaction broke into a Siskiyou County home and then called 9-1-1 for help. Saturday afternoon 36-year-old Robert Hans Werder called from a home on Greenhorn Road near Yreka and said he had broken in and armed himself because people were trying to kill him. He also reportedly told a dispatcher that he had used Methamphetamine. While en route, a deputy got Werder on the phone and tried to convince him to leave the house unarmed. As they got closer, deputies could hear gunshots and then saw Werder walking away from the house with a gun in his hand. Two Sheriff’s Sergeants approached Werder on foot and disarmed him. He reportedly had two guns, a lot of ammo and other property taken from the house. He was booked into jail on multiple charges.