Body Found In Nevada Identified As Redding Man Reported Missing In 2020

A missing Redding man has been found dead in a shallow grave in Nevada, according to a Carson City TV station. 26-year-old Jered Stefansky had gone to Mound House, Nevada to meet with some people in June of 2020 and disappeared. KRNV says the body was found last March near Rye Patch Reserve, but it took nine months for the Washoe County Coroners Office to identify it as Stefansky. The people he was going to meet, William and Yesenia Larsen of Burbank, were found dead near Bridgeport in November. Their murders have led to the arrests of three people from Missoula, Montana. It’s not known if they also killed Stefansky, who had apparently been planning to meet them to complete a large Cannabis deal.