Sherri Papini Released On Bail From Sacramento County Jail

Following a court appearance Tuesday, a judge approved the release of Sherri Papini from the Sacramento County Jail on bail. In November of 2016 the mother of two was 34-years-old when she vanished while jogging near her Mountain Gate home. The story quickly captured national attention and a lot of law enforcement resources were devoted to the search. Sherri reappeared more than 3 weeks later early Thanksgiving morning in Yolo County. Her wrists were bound and she was in bad shape, with a broken nose, her body covered in bruises and burns, and a brand on her shoulder. She claimed to have been abducted at gunpoint by two Hispanic women who intended to traffic her, but decided to release her because of the unwanted media attention. A $50,000 reward offered by Secret Witness and the family and a $100,000 ransom offered by an anonymous donor both went unclaimed. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says she had been voluntarily staying with an ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa and had harmed herself, with his help, to support her fabrication. In 2020 she was warned of the penalty she could face if she was lying, but she still kept to her story. DNA from her clothing was apparently matched to the ex-boyfriend and DNA from an iced tea bottle found in his trash apparently was matched to her. Papini was arrested last Thursday and charged with lying to federal agents and defrauding the state’s Victim Compensation Board of $30,000. She faces up to 5 years in federal prison and a Quarter Million Dollar fine for the alleged lies. If convicted of mail fraud, she could get another Quarter Million Dollar fine and a 20 year prison sentence. In court Tuesday, FBI Agents said they followed her until she dropped her kids off at a music lesson, then arrested her outside after a ruse that her car had been struck in the parking lot. When told she was under arrest she reportedly screamed “No!” and tried to run. She didn’t get far, but the FBI said it amounted to resisting arrest and argued against her release, but the judge allowed her conditional release on a $120,000 bond. She has a preliminary hearing set for March 25th.