Redding Man Files Complaint Against COVID-19 Visitation Policy At Shasta Regional Medical Center

A Redding man is upset about a policy that kept his sister from seeing her husband in his dying days. Hal Paquin says his brother-in-law contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to Shasta Regional Medical Center in the ICU Covid Ward. From that moment on, Hal says his sister was not allowed to visit, even though she had Covid at the same time and had recovered. She was told that the reason was simply a matter of policy imposed by hospital administrators, and she would not be allowed to visit until all life saving efforts were exhausted. After a week of isolation, the patients wife was finally allowed to see him just before he died, but he was unconscious and never knew she was there. The family filed a complaint with the California Department of Public Health but they said no laws were broken and the policy was at the discretion of the hospital. Across town, Mercy Medical Center’s posted policy is that visitors must be vaccinated or show proof of a negative test, but that may be exempted for patients in critical condition.