Man Sentenced To 55-Years-To Life For Murdering Siskiyou County Man

A convicted killer who murdered an elderly man in Weed he had worked for has been given a very long prison sentence. In September of 2019, neighbors of 70-year-old Donald Holbrecht in the Carrick Addition near Weed started worrying when they hadn’t seen him for over a week. 38-year-old Robert Tessmer Jr. was there though, living in the house with his girlfriend as if he owned the place. He also drove the victim’s vehicles and sold some of his things. When deputies went to the house, Tessmer said he was housesitting but gave them conflicting stories, and even called the sheriff’s office a couple of times impersonating Holbrecht saying he was on vacation and everything was fine. A search warrant was served on October 10th of 2019 and Holbrecht’s body was found in a shallow grave in the backyard. On January 7th Tessmer was found guilty of first degree murder. Due to a prior strike from another serious felony, Tessmer’s sentence was doubled to a total of 55 years-to-life in state prison.