Shasta Lake City Offering Rebates To Help Water Users Save Water

Shasta Lake City has tightened water restrictions because another year of drought has sharply reduced the supply provided by the Bureau of Reclamation. Rules already in place throughout the state include a ban on hosing off sidewalks and driveways, washing cars without a shut-off nozzle, and allowing runoff while watering lawns. Now a shut off nozzle is required on any hose and faulty sprinklers must be repaired within 24 hours. Low flow devices are required in new home construction, large water users must have a plan for 20% reduction, landscape irrigation must be between 9PM and 9AM to minimize evaporation, ponds and fountains are prohibited, and restaurants can only serve drinking water on request. Violators will need to pay penalties and install retrofit kits. Shasta Lake City is providing free low flow shower heads and rebates for efficient washers, toilets and irrigation controllers. Rebate forms and other details are at