Garman Sworn In, Baugh Named Chairman At Supervisors Meeting

There’s been a sudden power shift on the Shasta County Board of Supervisors. Tim Garman was sworn in Tuesday to take the District 2 Seat formally occupied by the recalled Leonard Moty, who had maintained a majority bloc with Joe Chimenti and Mary Rickert. The three of them had a generally common viewpoint and usually voted in sync. Garman, whose campaign was largely funded by Reverge Anselmo and the Shasta General Purpose Committee, is likely to vote in lock step with the now emboldened Patrick Jones and Les Baugh. District 5 Supervisor Baugh was elevated to chairman Tuesday.

A resolution drafted by a group of Shasta County doctors was passed by the newly reorganized Shasta County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The resolution calls for a change in the county’s COVID-19 policy and contradicts state orders. The group strongly opposes mandates for vaccinations or masks. County Counsel Robin Cruse has said the resolution is strictly symbolic , since the county has no power to refuse the wishes of state authorities. A joint statement was released last week by the CEO’s of every hospital and most large community health clinics in Shasta County claiming to represent over 400 Shasta County physicians. The statement stated that the group of doctors who drafted the resolution is a small minority in Shasta County’s medical community, and that the vast majority of medical professionals continue to support public health measures. New board chairman Les Baugh has called for a closed session meeting to review the performance of County Health Officer Doctor Karen Ramstrom and possibly overhaul the entire Health and Human Services Agency. Ramstrom has drawn a lot of criticism and even threats from the anti-vax community. Department Head Donnell Ewert has already announced his retirement.