3 Sentenced To Federal Prison From Embezzling Millions For Indian Tribe

Three former leaders of the tribe that runs Rolling Hills Casino in Corning have been sentenced for embezzling Millions of Dollars from the tribe to fund their lavish lifestyle. The FBI found that John Crosby of Redding, Ines Crosby of Orland, and Leslie Lohse of Glenn stole nearly $6 Million over a five year period between 2009 and 2014. The tribe says the losses are closer to $47 Million. The trio took advantage of their positions on the Tribal Council of the Paskenta Tribe of Nomlaki Indians and used the money to buy homes, swimming pools, decks and Koi ponds for their homes. They also bought luxury cars and went on luxury vacations in chartered jets, and bought high-value entertainment and precious metals. Federal investigators say the case eroded the tribe’s trust in their government. All three pleaded guilty in 2019 to embezzlement and tax evasion, and they were sentenced on Friday. John Crosby and Ines Crosby each got 4 years 9 months in federal prison. Leslie Lohse’s sentence was 3 years 5 months. She has paid more than $900,000 restitution. A hearing in April will determine how much restitution the Crosbys must pay.