Deputy Arrests Alleged Carjacker After Chase In Siskiyou County

A wild carjacking near Yreka was interrupted by a Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Deputy Monday afternoon. The deputy was southbound on Interstate 5 south of Easy Street when he saw a Chevy SUV with another vehicle in tow on the side of the road, along with a third car parked nearby partially blocking the lane. As the deputy stopped and got out of his car he could see two men fighting. As he approached, both men got into the driver’s seat of the Chevy while still grappling with each other. The Chevy then took off with both men in the driver’s seat. The deputy took chase at over 80 miles an hour for about 4 miles until the Chevy, still towing the other car, stopped a little south of Grenada. The deputy detained both men and then sorted out the details as they both claimed ownership of the vehicles. 29-year-old Jade Eric Miley had reportedly flagged down the man in the Chevy and attempted a carjacking, which is when the deputy happened upon the them. During the chase, Miley reportedly bit the other man as they struggled but the victim was able to overpower Miley and pull over. Miley was booked into jail for carjacking, robbery, false imprisonment, mayhem, felony evading and assault.