Beekeepers Report Beehive Thefts As Pollination Season Gets Underway

About a Thousand beehives worth hundreds of Thousands of Dollars have been reported stolen across California in the past few weeks. It’s a crime that occurs uniquely in the state this time of year when Almond Trees start to bloom. That’s when beekeepers from around the United States truck Billions of Honeybees to California to rent them to growers who depend on the insects to pollinate their valuable crop. A number of beekeepers are based in Palo Cedro, known as the queen bee capitol of the world. Each Spring they park their beehives in the orchards to serve a double purpose. The orchardists pay big money for the pollination services and the bees reproduce their population at such high volume, beekeepers are able to split each colony into several new colonies for the coming summertime honey production season. Experts say a tightening bee supply and the soaring cost to rent a hive is motivating the thieves. Beekeepers are turning to GPS tracking devices, surveillance cameras and other anti-theft technology to protect their precious colonies.