Convicted Sex Offender Faces 23 Years In Prison After Attempted Kidnapping Of Teenangers

A Shingletown man who tried to kidnap a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old has pled guilty. Last August 60-year-old Donald Platner, a convicted sex offender, drove up to a girl in a parking lot near Old Alturas and Churn Creek Road and demanded she get in his van. She fled to a group of her friends nearby. Platner then tried to contact her again by driving to where the group was, and they confronted him. He then got out of his van and challenged the juveniles to a fight. Some bystanders got involved and Platner left, but he was later arrested by Redding Police. Platner pled to 5 felonies on Friday and also has prior strike convictions. Next month he’ll will be sentenced to 23 years in state prison.