Antique Guns Stolen From Igo Inn Recovered

An innkeeper has gotten his stolen antique guns back, thanks to some sharp-eyed pawn shop employees. The alleged thief, 29-year-old Jordan Ericsson, was the groom in a wedding at the Igo Inn just a few weeks ago. On February 2nd inn manager Brian Collier reported that someone had gotten inside by breaking a pane of glass that had been there since 1883. Six rifles that had been mounted on a wall were missing, all of them well over a hundred years old and two of them from the Civil War era. Two days later police were called to Olde West Gun and Loan on North Market Street by employees who were trying to stall the people selling some of the stolen guns. Ericsson and Tamia Wilcox were detained by police as they were leaving. Ericsson eventually allowed deputies to go to his home and search it, and the rest of the guns were recovered.