Two Juveniles Arrested After Breaking Into Asphalt Cowboys Clubhouse

The Asphalt Cowboys are generally a pretty carefree bunch, but there may be some red faces to go with those yellow shirts after some vandals trashed some of the cowboys’ clubhouse. Just after 1:30AM Wednesday morning Redding Police responded for a burglar alarm at the ticket booth for the Redding Rodeo Grounds. Arriving officers saw a window had been forced open and two people with flashlights could be seen moving around inside. The area was surrounded and officers told the intruders to surrender, threatening to sic Miko the K9 on them if they did not respond. Both gave up and it was discovered that they were juveniles. Walls in the area had been defaced with graffiti, including racial slurs. Windows were broken at the public restrooms, where fixtures and toilets were destroyed. There were also broken windows and signs of forced entry at the Asphalt Cowboys Clubhouse. The pair had stolen property on them, and a review of surveillance footage showed they had also vandalized the Arboretum across the river. They were booked into Juvenile Hall.