Tim Garman Will Likely Replace Moty After Recall Vote Is Certified

Leonard Moty has been recalled from his District 2 Shasta County Board of Supervisors seat, likely to be replaced by Tim Garman. The replacement candidate has taken the lead with a 126 vote advantage over Dale Ball. The Shasta County Elections Department released updated numbers Friday afternoon showing nearly 56% of voters approve of recalling Moty, while just over 44% oppose. The race had been separated by just 384 votes, but Friday’s update pushed the margin to over 1000 votes. Every ballot will be counted, but a change is highly unlikely at this point with all but 121 of the in-office ballots counted, and a few still trickling in that had been postmarked by last Tuesday. Moty will remain in office until the vote is certified, up to 28 days after the election.