Parolee Shot In The Hand After Victims Confront Burglars Near Jones Valley

Someone in the Jones Valley area shot at a couple of alleged burglars Saturday morning, hitting one of them in the hand. 39-year-old Lisa Oniel called 9-1-1 to report a burglary in progress at her property on Bear Mountain Road. She wasn’t there, but saw a man and woman she didn’t know on her live surveillance feed. Oniel called her boyfriend, 42-year-old Jonathan Pember, and asked him and his father, 78-year-old Ronald Pember, to go confront the trespassers. When they got there, Ronald says the suspects drove directly at him and he fired at the car before it struck him and knocked him to the ground. Jonathan, thinking his father was being run over, fired several shots at the car. When the suspects fled, the Pembers pursued them to Squaw Grass Trail, where the couple stopped and fled on foot into the woods. The car had been stolen. The woman, 21-year-old Cari Kegarise, was arrested after calling to report her boyfriend, 43-year-old Raymond Rawls the Second, had been shot in the hand. He was found walking along Bear Mountain Road and hospitalized. Rawls is on parole and will face a long list of felony charges after he’s released from medical care.