New COVID-19 Infections Continue Slow Decline, 950 Active Cases In Shasta County

If it follows the pattern seen elsewhere, the surge in Omicron Variant Covid cases should be on the decline, but another 176 cases were reported for Shasta County Thursday. There are 950 known active cases in Shasta County but public health believes the actual number to be much higher, partly because many at-home tests go unreported and many people who are exposed go untested. There are 81 patients in the hospital with Covid and 11 in the ICU. Every home in the country can get four free Covid test kits mailed to them by visiting Antigen testing, which is what at-home tests use, is not as accurate as PCR testing, which is what professional testing clinics use. Vaccinations are available for free at many locations. In-home appointments can be made at A lot of information can be found at