Voters Favor Recalling Moty, Over 1000 Ballots Remain Uncounted

The tally for Tuesday’s special election so far shows voters favoring the recall of Shasta County District Two Supervisor Leonard Moty, but with a margin of only 384 votes, the key question is how many ballots remain to be counted. County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling-Allen tells us it’s well over a thousand that have not yet been opened. On Wednesday her office will say just how many remain and Friday the numbers will be updated, perhaps showing a clear winner. The latest numbers show just under 53% in favor of the recall and just over 47% opposed. In the second question, the leading replacement candidate is Dale Ball with 36%, but he’s just 33 votes ahead of Tim Garmin. Tony Hayward trails with 18% and Tarick Mahmoud with 11%. Darling-Allen tells us it’s been one of the more emotionally charged elections she’s witnessed, but at the same time she’s pleased to see so many people engaged in the process. There are around 21,000 registered voters in District Two. The turnout for the recall election appears at this point to be around 32%, but that will increase as more ballots are counted. By comparison, the recall election of shasta Lake City Councilmember Delores Lucero in 2012 drew a 27% turnout, and the recall election of Lyle Turner from the Mountain Gate Community Services District Board in 2009 drew 38%.