Classic Muscle Car Stolen In July Found Destroyed Along Clear Creek

A valuable classic muscle car that was stolen from Anderson is no longer what could be called a car, but most of it has been found. Early in the morning of July 15th of last year the owners of the 1966 Ford Cobra looked out the window of their room at the Gaia Hotel in time to see their enclosed trailer being driven away. It contained the restored convertible valued at around $125,000. The trailer was found abandoned. The eye-catching coupe was last seen by road workers at around 5:50AM that morning going north on Deschutes Road past Dersch Road. In October Anderson Police processed a trailer that contained the Cobra’s engine and other components. On Tuesday, a confidential tipster led Anderson Police 20 miles west of Redding along Clear Creek Road where much of the body and chassis was found about 40 feet down an embankment. Detectives will get help from state forensics experts to try and recover fingerprints or DNA from the car. A $1,000 reward is still available for anonymous tips at 243-2319 or