70 Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19 In Shasta County

Three more deaths by Coronavirus were reported for Shasta County Tuesday. There were also an additional 227 Covid cases reported, 45 of them age 12 and under. There are 1,350 known active cases in Shasta County, but public health believes the actual number to be much higher. There are 70 patients in the hospital with Covid and 11 in the ICU. Public health encourages people to try and live an overall healthy lifestyle that will allow their immune system to better fight illnesses, including Covid. Every home in the country can get four free Covid test kits mailed to them by simply visiting covidtests.gov. Vaccinations are available for free at many locations. In-home appointments can be made at myturn.ca.gov. A lot of information can be found at shastaready.org.