Crews Contain Pallet Fire At Lowes, Shopping Cart Fire Near Walgreens Early Sunday

A trash fire damaged an East Redding big box home improvement store. At around 2 O’clock Sunday morning Redding Fire Department was called to the rear of Lowes, where a lot of fire was being produced from pallets and bales of cardboard. The fire was quickly contained, but it had spread to a door and the top cap of the building. Damage to the structure is estimated at $20,000. The fire is believed to be human caused and remains under investigation.

Another fire broke out at around 4:35AM Sunday morning just down the road at Walgreen’s. Someone had lit hand sanitizer on fire trying to keep warm. It was burning inside a container on top of a shopping cart that was full of the person’s belongings. The flames spread and burned up all their stuff. The person was given a citation for recklessly causing a fire. It’s not believed to be related to the fire at Lowes.