Crews Called To Separate Fires Tuesday Morning

Redding Fire Department responded quickly to stop a couple of wind-driven fires Tuesday morning. The first one a little before 10AM involved an outhouse downtown near the RABA main bus terminal. Redding Fire Inspector Ron Krznarich says a man was inside the commode when smoke and flames started to increase on the ground beneath and around it. He says the outhouse was sitting in the middle of an area covered with decorative bark ground cover that had a lot of cigarette butts discarded in it, one of which likely set the bark burning. A security guard had to knock on the door and let the man inside know that a fire was burning under him. The second fire started less than an hour later near where Churn Creek flows behind the Shadowbrook Apartments on Hartnell Avenue east of Victor. Multiple callers reported hearing two men arguing in the area of a homeless camp before a black smoke column was seen rising from the area. Krznarich says the fire burned up an 8-man tent, a tarp, some other belongings and about a 15 by 15 foot spot of vegetation.