Voters Will Decide Moty’s Fate After Months Long Recall Effort

A long and bitter battle for control of Shasta County government culminates with Tuesday’s special election for the potential recall of District Two Supervisor Leonard Moty. What began as an effort to recall three of the supervisors narrowed when efforts failed against Joe Chimenti and Mary Rickert. There’s a clear division on the board between that majority of three and the minority made up of Patrick Jones and Les Baugh. The primary stated reason cited by recall organizers was the board’s cooperation with state imposed Covid mandates. The county has no legal authority to oppose such mandates, but has maintained all along a toothless policy of “enforcement through education”. It’s only been late in the campaign that Moty has called attention to the fact that the money fueling the recall has come mostly from Reverge Anselmo, who has a grudge against Shasta County. Anselmo owned a vineyard near Shingletown and fought the county on required building permits for a stone chapel and other structures. He sued the county on the issue and lost big, then moved to Connecticut. Anselmo has not, and has said he will not, return to Shasta County, but he has provided at least $450,000 toward the campaign to overtake the Board of Supervisors. His ultimate goal is apparently to eliminate the Department of Resource Management. There are around 21,000 registered voters in District Two, and more than 25% of them have already voted. Turnout at the polls Tuesday may have a very far reaching impact on the future of the county.