Public Health Urges People To Upgrade Their Cloth Masks As Omicron Cases Skyrocket In Shasta County

Shasta County’s Coronavirus case rate has skyrocketed with the Omicron variant. Another 244 cases were reported Thursday. Well over 1,500 Shasta County residents are known to have the virus. There are 88 patients hospitalized with Covid and 11 in the ICU. Public health is encouraging people to upgrade their masks from cloth to the more protective N95, KF94 or KN95. Every home in the country can get four free test kits mailed to them by simply visiting Vaccinations are available for free at many locations. Shasta County has a mobile vaccine unit that has provided vaccinations to 2,235 people since last March, many of whom have a hard time getting out and about. In-home appointments can be made at A lot of information can be found at