Deputies Arrest Domestic Violence Suspect In The Shingletown Area

A Sheriff’s Department K9 helped apprehend a domestic violence suspect Thursday. At around 10AM, deputies in the Shingetown area went looking for 35-year-old Travis Baldwin, who was wanted for a felony domestic violence assault that allegedly happened last Friday. Baldwin has a reputation for carrying knives and being uncooperative with law enforcement. When deputies encountered Balwin standing in his driveway they could see the handle of a fixed blade knife sticking out of his front pocket. They told him he was under arrest but he would not surrender, instead becoming argumentative. Ace the K9 was sent after him. Baldwin fought with the dog and with deputies but was eventually taken into custody. He reportedly had a small bag of Meth in his pocket. After a stop at the hospital for his dog bites, Balwin was booked into jail, where he’s being held on $50,000 bail.