Deadline To File Paperwork For Cleanup Of Fire Damaged Properties Is Monday

Residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the Fawn Fire have only a few days left to file the proper paperwork for whatever they decide to be their cleanup plan. Phase one was household hazardous waste removal, which has already been completed by the State Department of Toxic Substances Control. Phase two of the cleanup can be done at no cost to the landowner by the State Office of Emergency Services and CalRecycle, but property owners need to complete a right-of-entry permit. The government will tap homeowners insurance policies as much as they can, but costs not covered by insurance will not be billed to the fire survivors. Those who choose to do their own cleanup must have it done by April First, and they must apply for a demolition permit. Whatever the option, the forms must be submitted by the already-extended deadline of this Monday, January 31st. Details are online at or 225-5787.